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View Poll Results: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018?
Black Panther 10 14.49%
New Mutants 3 4.35%
Infinity War 39 56.52%
Deadpool 2 2.90%
Ant Man and The Wasp 2 2.90%
Venom 0 0%
X-Men: Dark Phoenix 2 2.90%
Animated Spider-Man film 1 1.45%
Aquaman 10 14.49%
Voters: 69. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-11-2018, 03:32 PM   #76
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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

Yep, with that off, I guess for me it is a toss up between Deadpool 2 and Infinity War.... and we'll get both now with only a few days separating them!

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Infinity War!
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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

I would have preferred a nice gap after IW as I’ll probably be rewatching that non-stop. DD2 might end up like that too as I’ve rewatched the first film so many times on blu-ray.

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Mandon Knight
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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

I can't see the change having a huge amount of 'bad reaction' for Deadpool 2, I think it'll still good business as a result of being so close to IW.

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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

Just found out about The New Mutants delay! Bummer, as I was really looking forward to seeing it!

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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

Originally Posted by Ene View Post
The trailer is fantastic, and it's set out to be a cultural phenomenon. I hope it can break out of the Marvel formula though, Black Panther of all deserves a fresh vision. Insanely good cast.

There are some folks who keep bringing this up.
I did not come to debate however but to mention some other views one time and leave.
The top movies i want to see for 2018 will be at the bottom of this post, but first i think i need to get this out of the way.

Mcu MARVEL formula


The mcu netflix shows-

by MamaLukuBuku
The formula works, and I will tell you why they shouldn't apply it to
future films: Tiers that offer something a little different for all
kinds of fans.

Tier 1: Films- Big budget, over the top, with a target audience of
kids. This is where the money comes from that makes the other 2 tiers
possible. They can juggle lighthearted and semi-serious here without
ruining their target audience.

Tier 2: TV- Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. Dramas that cater to an
older crowd, not necessarily meant for a younger audience. Fills in
gaps here and there for the movies. Shows a much bigger world of the

Tier 3: Netflix- This is where Marvel can let loose in a no holds
barred grimy bloodbath for the adults. This is the "graphic novel"
section of the MCU. Super focused, and as real as it gets with street
level heroes.
3 different levels of the MCU for different kinds of fans. Of course
some fans will enjoy all 3 so they have the full MCU experience, but
what they are doing is perfect and they shouldn't change it.

By the way i see the mcu movies targeted for kids and adults
and they are more serious then some
folks think,more so the captain
america movies and hulk movie.
The mcu shows have stronger stories on average then the mcu movies

Keep in mind dc shows is lighter in tone then the marvel mcu shows and about the same tone as mcu films overall.In fact the mcu tone is closer to the early dc films like superman 1 and 2 overall.
Of course marvel fox movies are darker in tone then the mcu movies but darker does not better.
The mcu shows are darker then dceu and mcu movies.
By the way the mcu movies like mcu shows have a varied tones.
This is what some else said about mcu and current dc.


Marvel movies have a tight script, lovable and interesting characters and a very relatable world and tone - it doesn't feel as foreign as the DCEU feels - which is strictly thematic in its design. So yes, Marvel might have a formula - but it works and each film is unique in its own right.
Marvel Studios' Black Panther Official Trailer Reaction and Review
by Zhelyazko Tsarev1 day ago
Please don't be another Marvel comedy flick
by agators2121 day ago
Zhelyazko Tsarev like how justice league is all comedy in their trailer? So many quips from Aquaman
by Zhelyazko Tsarev1 day ago
agators212 Black Panther looks great. What I mean is for the actual movie to be more badass movie not a comedy.

by Mark Hughes1 day ago
Just generally speaking, keep in mind some of the all-time best action movies were also filled with humor and comedy -- Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Beverly Hills Cop for example. And think about some of the other great action films that also have a constant good sense of humor -- Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, The Rock, and so on. These films don't just have one or two humorous lines, they have repeated funny moments and humor throughout, and as much or in some cases more than the MCU movies.
Granted, a few MCU movies like Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thor: Ragnarok have enough constant humor to possibly say they could be considered action-comedies, but the rest of the MCU films aren't. If some folks just personally don't enjoy comedy or humor very much and only usually like straight-up serious action, that's obviously totally fine and valid for people to have personal preferences and taste. But I think it's worth trying to be more precise about how much humor really exists in MCU films, since it's often overstated or people end up with a misperception sometimes of the overall MCU tone, and to also remember some of the all-time best and other great action films outside of the superhero genre often have a lot of humor and comedy in them too.

by Jokerz79
Marvel only doing jokes is a false narrative because Civil War wasn't and Dr. Strange only had a few. As for no wanting "dark" I never found the DCEU dark I mean honestly Marvel is doing more gritty realistic stuff on Netflix I mean Punisher came out the same day as Justice League and it's way more grittier than anything in the DCEU IMO and there was Logan which didn't fail.
Critics would not have torn the Dark Knight apart for "not being a comedy". Logan just came out and was critically acclaimed and not even slightly a comedy. A film about Wolverine of all things.
Civil War also was not a comedy. It had fun moments but the ending of that film is tragic.
Some critics just don't like certain films because they're just not very good, objectively.

Quote Originally Posted by Soubhagya View Post
Why do fans call MCU films comedies? Civil War was a serious affair. The first phase films were all pretty serious. Winter Soldier is serious. They tell good and entertaining stories and that's it. They make good films. We may not like it but people in general love them. Critics loved Logan too. I was thinking there's a bias but truly speaking there isn't. Audiences are not loving DCEU films. Maybe because they don't consider them worth it. Justice League earned below 100 millions dollars. I would never have believed even a week ago that Thor Ragnarok managed to have a higher opening weekend. We are looking at the possibility that JL won't earn more then what WW did. Inconceivable.

by steven patterson2 days ago
Maybe if dc/Warner’s actually had a formula they would make a good solid movie, instead of changing idea half way through a story arc ( to try and be more like the marvel movies ) now they are throwing Snyder under the bus,the company is a joke?

by Fletcher_Drumming2 days ago
The problem is that DC hasn't given me the since of darkness since The Dark Night. Suicide Squad wasn't dark, WW wasn't dark, superman wasn't dark, Justice league wasn't dark. The only one that was dark was Batman vs Superman and it still wasn't all that dark. Don't get me wrong I like DC, but if Avengers 3 and 4 are as good as they look then they really have DC beaten. The biggest problem with DC is that they are trying to rush too much.

by TheCell
Marvel live action movies has beaten dc live action movies already,more so if you combined the non-mcu marvel films with the mcu marvel fillms.

by WebLurker
Not everyone turns out a winner every time. Steven Spielberg is possibly one of the best directors in the business, and he's made some of the greatest movies and some of the worst. While it is true that directors do have a specific style that can be recognized (Bay didn't get his reputation for nothing), Marvel movies are directed by different people who bring different sensibilities into the mix. Also the MCU has proven to be diverse in tone depending on the subject matter (compare the Captain America movies to Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Strange). The X-Men will have a tone of its own because of the stuff that makes it unique from the other franchises and the specific creative team given the reigns. (There might be more humor than the other movies, but even Logan had comic relief. Besides some of the funniest stuff I've seen in comics outside of Spider-Man came from X-Men stuff.)Let me give you an even easier example; the MCU has given us sci-fi, fantasy, war movies, spy thrillers, and heists within the same overall series. They also have done character development over the course of this series very well, bar none. (Also, the Captain America movies do not fit your description and Spider-Man is a property that supposed to be light-hearted by nature -- albeit with a serious edge.)There's a difference between having humor and taking the movie seriously. The MCU does use humor, but the stories are generally taken seriously. Also, comedy does not equal a lack of substance. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was funny and had substance in the characters, like Logan had substance in its characters, but through a serious story.
The MCU movies made so far are not X-Men movies and should be taking inspiration from their source material and what makes the characters work. (For example, should Spider-Man have the same tone as Wolverine?)

Why Marvel’s Success Story is More Than Just a ‘Formula’

The marvel formula is why critics hate dc?

Will Marvel & Disney Ruin the X-Men as Fans Suggest?

More Than Just The Same: MCU Head Kevin Feige Says All Marvel Movies Are 'Relatively Different'

Some folks love talking about the marvel formula for mcu movies.
Here some talk about the x-men fox marvel movie formula.

Can New Mutants Bring the X-Men to Horror Movies? | CBR
The X-Men universe has seen its share of genre shifting in recent years, to be fair–Logan, The Gifted and Deadpool have all proven to be successful experiments in putting a fresh coat of paint on the traditional superhero film. But those three examples still stick to the X-Men film formula of costumed weirdos fighting the government with flashy superpowers. Deadpool uses the formula as a form of mockery, The Gifted scales it down, and Logan just isolates it to what’s really the least flashy (but no less impressive) power in the X-film roster. Just as how audiences know what to expect from Marvel Studios or DC Entertainment movies, they have a fairly solid idea of what to expect from X-films, and New Mutants certainly isn’t that.
The gifted is not movie.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Has Officially Wrapped Production
This movie, which is promising to do the Dark Phoenix story and get it right this time, is the X-Men movie that people are talking about the least. The reviews for X-Men: Apocalypse were not exactly positive. And while movies like Deadpool 2 and the The New Mutants are promising a very different X-Men movie experience, all evidence thus far points to this one following a formula that appears to not be working anymore. There were rumors that the X-Men were finally going to embrace outer space and get weird on us, but those were shut down. It’s yet another “grounded” X-Men movie.
First Bumblebee Pic, The Truth About Critics, Junkets And Red Carpets - The John Campea Show

Oh and i plan to see all the superhero movies of 2018 just like for 2017 but my top two that i want to see more so for 2018 is -
1-Black panther
2-infinity war

That's it from me.

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Patchwork Man
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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

I cast the second vote for Dark Phoenix? Holy cow.

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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

I guess Dark Phoenix should come off the list with the recent news!

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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

Originally Posted by Pennywise View Post
I guess Dark Phoenix should come off the list with the recent news!
...and I Kill Giants, Alita and The Empty Man should be added.

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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

With Black Panther living up to my hopes of being an awesome movie, all I look forward to right now are the rest of the MCU movies, and then Aquaman.


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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

DP2 jumped way up the radar after that trailer.

Make Marvel Animation Great Again
Cook and Weisman's The Spectacular Spider-Man is to cbtv what Singer's X-Men were to cbm's
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(A Metal Gear reference)
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Default Re: CBM's you're looking forward to the most in 2018

Not really excited for any of these compared to last year's offerings.

Aquaman intrigues me the most because of the setting, though I don't have nearly the amount of confidence in Wan as most people.

Excited to see more of Sheriden as Cyclops as well in Dark Phoenix.

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