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Default Re: Mark Gordon To Produce 'The Phantom'

Originally Posted by guitarsingerguy View Post
Originally Posted by Mondragon View Post
You sound like the guy saying Blade, Iron-Man or Guardians or Galaxy don't have the audience to warrant movies.
Or the guy with zero vision once saying you can't reboot Batman after Schumacher.
Ok now this is just getting silly. Never did I think or say anything about those other properties,
LOL didn't say you did, I said you sound like someone saying the likes of Blade, Iron-Man or Guardians or Galaxy don't have the audience, to warrant spending the money on making movies.

Originally Posted by guitarsingerguy View Post
but to even remotely compare those to The Phantom is ludicrous.
The comparison to Blade, Iron-Man or Guardians of Galaxy was in reply to you saying
" You need an audience, and sadly, I just don't think a large enough one exists to warrant spending the money."
Neither Blade, Iron-Man or Guardians of Galaxy had the guaranteed built in audience you speak of, yet those with vision saw the potential for movies.
Your approach would have killed those franchises.

Originally Posted by guitarsingerguy View Post
The Phantom's suit is just one of many issues this has going against it. These properties have already had their heyday. Maybe it's just best to leave them in the past?
As far as the costume or rebooting of a franchise, if Batman can return after these vision, to reinvent itself......
The costume isn't an obstacle as you say.
You sound like someone dismissing Batman based on those previous incarnations.

Batman's suit was once near the same as the Phantom's only with ears and a cape added. Yet Batman was updated.
Just because a franchise like Batman grew out of the 30's Doesn't mean it has to visually stay with what it did before, and can't reinvent itself, same as the Phantom.

And read what I'm saying, I'm not saying the Phamtom is some guaranteed success, it obviously has an uphill struggle, depends how it's executed.
I'm saying the reasons you give, the costume, no built in audience, are your typical lame, not creative excuses, which have also been proven wrong by other successful franchises. That hopefully wouldn't sway a studio producer, director with a good vision.

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