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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 5

Originally Posted by Docker2.0 View Post
It's something in the food that makes people big as they are now. If you put Frazier and Ali in today's ring at heavyweight, they would look small. Those guys had more skill but athletes today are just bigger, stronger and faster. Can you imagine the Klit's or AJ or even Wilder in the ring with those guys? The size advantage would be crazy! I said all that to say that a super HW division has it's good and bad.
The Klitschko's are very good fighters, but I don't know how they'd fare with someone who pushed them hard for 12 rounds. The rest I haven't watched enough to have an informed opinion, but these big guys seem to wear down pretty easily. It's not easy carrying that much weight around. I would put Joe and Muhammad in against just about anyone I've seen recently without a whole lot of worries. Joe would wear down just about any heavyweight and Ali would pick them apart. Joe could get caught with a big punch, but after about 5 or 6, he'd be knocking the crap out of them.

BTW - You'll see what I mean about Frazier if you ever watch the 1st Ali/Frazier fight. Joe was at his absolute peak and the pace he put up for 15 rounds would have withered any other heavyweight I've ever seen. The only guy who would have stood a chance against him (barring a big punch) was in the ring with him. He wasn't ever really quite the same after that effort and pushed himself so hard that he ended up in the hospital.

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