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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 5

Originally Posted by InCali View Post
LOL. You could be right. I went from feather to light and that 9 lbs was a big deal. I wouldn't really know for sure because it would take two of me (when I was younger and in shape) to make one of them. Maybe I have that attitude because there just haven't even that many really good 250+ fighters, it maybe there's a reason for that. I'll tell you that I saw Frazier in his prime at 204 and think he'd destroy most of the 250+ guys I've seen. Of course he wasn't your average heavyweight. I still think this is probably more about money than anything else.

It's something in the food that makes people big as they are now. If you put Frazier and Ali in today's ring at heavyweight, they would look small. Those guys had more skill but athletes today are just bigger, stronger and faster. Can you imagine the Klit's or AJ or even Wilder in the ring with those guys? The size advantage would be crazy! I said all that to say that a super HW division has it's good and bad.

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