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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 5

Originally Posted by Docker2.0 View Post
IDK man. The reason Doentay has advantages is because of his reach. Put him in there with someone his height, like an AJ and the weight thing shows up huge. Wilder has been wobbled before(would't be shocked even Stiverne wins honestly)but I do think it does make a difference even at that weight and size. That's like Kobe fighting Dwight Howard. Sure they are big but look at the muscle difference.
LOL. You could be right. I went from feather to light and that 9 lbs was a big deal. I wouldn't really know for sure because it would take two of me (when I was younger and in shape) to make one of them. Maybe I have that attitude because there just haven't even that many really good 250+ fighters, it maybe there's a reason for that. I'll tell you that I saw Frazier in his prime at 204 and think he'd destroy most of the 250+ guys I've seen. Of course he wasn't your average heavyweight. I still think this is probably more about money than anything else.

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