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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 5

I also agree. AJ probably won every round and would likely have won all the remaining rounds and might also have knocked him out. But that is no reason to stop a fight as otherwise you’d stop nearly all of his or Mike Tyson’s fights before they started. If we stop all fights at the first sign of trouble then they could have guys like us as refs and no advanced skills would be needed to differentiate between situations that look bad and aren’t and those that look bad but are fine. Credit to the guy for bravely lasting so long and credit to AJ for getting past his bust nose early on. He needs more unconventional tests like this. Must say he has been better stamina-wise in the later rounds that’s he’s fought (which were uncharted territory not so long ago) given how jacked his physique is and his lack of experience in those stages.

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