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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 5

Originally Posted by Docker2.0 View Post
That's all we was saying. Could have went either way, wouldn't be upset but I felt like Canelo beat GGG.

And about the SHW division, it does make sense. Wilder started out at 218, imagine him at that weight going up against AJ or Vladimir. Middleweight is 160 and people were complaining about Floyd fighting GGG, going up 13 lbs. Haye fighting AJ seems to be much worse.
WRT SHW, it's not the same as stepping up 13 to 28 lbs (going from Welter to Middle or Light Heavy. I think people sort of max out when they get over 200+. A solid 220 isn't at that great of a disadvantage against a guy going 250 (Unless you are a TREMENDOUS 250 like the Klitschkos are). I could see a heavyweight like a Joe Frazier (who weighed in at 204 in his prime) knocking the living $#!t out of a very good fighter who goes 250 (he did it).

I'm not saying there are no advantages to being bigger, but I don't think it's as pronounced when you get into the 200+ range. Plus, how many really good fighters are you going to find at 250+? Carrying around the extra weight is also a bit of a burden. There are diminishing returns on extra weight IMO, but I'm sort of an old school traditionalist and think the Super/Jr classifications were established for one reason

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