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Default Re: The Official Boxing Thread!!! - Part 5

Originally Posted by InCali View Post
Tell that to Buster Mathis after he fought Joe Frazier.'s potentially fatal.....Joe almost killed him. Mathis, BTW, outpointed Joe as an amateur, was very quick on his feet and had very fast hands. He also outweighed Frazier by about 40 pounds. A good 220 pound fighter isn't, IMO, at a disadvantage because of weight. There are disadvantages to being 280 or so.

BTW, I finally got around to watching Canelo v GGG. I can understand why someone would think either should have won, but I don't think anyone has anything to complain about either way.
That's all we was saying. Could have went either way, wouldn't be upset but I felt like Canelo beat GGG.

And about the SHW division, it does make sense. Wilder started out at 218, imagine him at that weight going up against AJ or Vladimir. Middleweight is 160 and people were complaining about Floyd fighting GGG, going up 13 lbs. Haye fighting AJ seems to be much worse.

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