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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread - - -

Originally Posted by B View Post
If those that covered that Barcelona team & the players themselves have said that Guardiola was the man that revolutionised Barcelona & completely changed the clubs philosophy & playing style, then yes, they are 100% all wrong, every single one of them bar none. Cruyff is the man that laid the blueprint & foundations for everything that is the current day Barcelona from their youth setup right through to their footballing philosophy for the last 20 odd years. His influence reached beyond Barcelona changing how a lot of managers thought about the game.
Now we are changing the goalpost. Pep changed how that team played. And considering most if not all those players were there before he was in charge of the first team, they could talk on the actual differences. Day to day and on a macro level.

This is like crediting Busby for what SAF did. Foundations and groundwork are one thing. But there is a reason a major changes the fortune of a team to such a great degree.

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