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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread - - -

Ridiculous early goal I think really dented the confidence & pretty much threw any gameplans we had out the window immediately. I didn't see the replay but did Dele Alli actually mean to play the ball back to Eriksen's path? Either way was a ridiculously unlucky/bad goal to concede considering it was just a long ball. Then Phil Jones's own goal, messes up his feet & deflects it into his own net really killed us.

1st half though we weren't that bad, after we conceded that opening 15-20 minutes we actually had some half decent chances to get back into the game. Lukaku & Martial both had chances & we actually looked threatening every time we went forward up until they got a their 2nd.

2nd half however was the worst performance I've seen from us all season I think, Pogba & Matic had absolutely no control or influence over the game, Martial was starting to make horrible decisions trying to run at 2 or 3 men when he had options & runners, Sanchez was a ghost after being moved inside & Lukaku was living off scraps. In general we had no control over the ball & when we did get it, we just moved it far too slowly allowing Spurs to casually get back to defend.

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