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Default Re: Anyone else fed up with Whedon's complaining?

Originally Posted by Keehar View Post
Rami's Spider-Man, Nolan's Batman, X-Men, all got better sequels. Didn't matter that Thor's or Iron Man's were weaker.
Yes, it does because it shows that MS are crap at making sequels (with the exception of TWS). What Nolan, Raimi and Singer were able to do is completely irrelevant as none of those individuals have any input whatsoever at Marvel Studios. Besides, AoU was hyped up far more than X2, Spider-Man 2 or TDK prior to release. All of those films were only massively hyped after they were released. The weight on AoU's shoulders was immense (far greater than those three films) and despite being amazing, it was considered "not good enough" by critics and the GA.

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