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Default Re: Anyone else fed up with Whedon's complaining?

Originally Posted by Keehar View Post
But like it's common nowadays for sequels to be even better than the first movie. So only normal people were expecting even better.
It's common with non-MCU superhero franchises, like Raimi's Spiderman and Nolan's Batman, but not with the MCU. So far, Marvel has only managed to make one sequel (Winter Soldier) that is widely believed to be better than its predecessor. IM 2+3 and TDW are generally considered to be inferior to IM and Thor respectively. And anyway, WS was the sequel to a film that was met by a lukewarm response upon release, and failed to even make 400 million dollars. Therefore, it wasn't hyped anywhere near as much as AoU and people did not set themselves up for disappointment. Meanwhile, Civil War, coming off the back of WS will face a very difficult task of surpassing its predecessor.

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