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Default Re: Anyone else fed up with Whedon's complaining?

Originally Posted by Johnny-Oh View Post
Yes this is my concern as well, its unfair that Whedon gets so much hate when a couple of years ago he was getting as much praise as the Russos are getting now.
People's expectations for AoU were so ridiculously high after the first one that they were setting themselves up for disappointment. Sure, AoU doesn't quite have the same magic as the original, but its still immensely entertaining and enjoyable. This is going to be a (potentially) huge problem for Civil War as well. TWS was so well received that if CW doesn't receive quite as much acclaim (but still largely gets positive reviews), it will be considered a failure and disappointment. The only way CW can avoid a similar fate to AoU is if it is acclaimed as much, or more, than TWS, which will be a challenge.

Ultimately, I can only imagine that the vitriol directed towards the Russo's would be even more violent than what is currently being thrown at Whedon, due to them being signed on for Infinity War 1+2.

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