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Default Re: Are Superhero Films True Art?

I see art as self-expression on the part of the artist, so I don't consider a work of entertainment to automatically be art (although in practice I usually don't bother making that distinction). However, "art" doesn't equate to "good". As I see it, whether the artist cares about their work or is trying to express something with it is their business, and my business is what I get out of it, whether that be silly fun or deep emotion. I'd rather watch a cynical cash grab that happens to connect with me on an emotional level than an artist's personal, heartfelt vision that happens to leave me cold.

To answer your question more directly, it's hard to really speak on what the filmmakers felt or intended while making the movies. To me The Avengers was a largely hollow experience, but since Whedon was a comic fan getting to make a movie about these characters, I'd imagine he was putting something heartfelt into it, even if it was just expressing his love of Marvel superheroes.

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