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Default Re: RATE the First Season of LEGIXN

VII. Strong acting and overall story, but they fell victim to style over substance a few times. It became hard to follow and it's like they wanted to focus more on how something looked instead of progressing the story in a more coherent fashion.
I rated it VII for the same reason (although I really liked the aesthetic, cinematography, and overall look of the show quite a bit). From my way of thinking, I just couldn't make sense of certain things at times.

I didn't have a big problem with story progression though. I don't mind things being left open to interpretation or not being answered but wished basic things weren't ignored at times (while ep.8 far better than expected from preview people being left in telekinetic tornado while dealing with shadow king or how exactly bodies were fried in ep.1 some examples). Some things could've been defined a bit more as well (like Eye's powers or how they were able to pull off stopping the bullets in episode 7) .

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