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Default Re: iZombie General Discussion

I thought the season started pretty shaky, but found it's footing maybe a third of the way through when they ditched the Peyton/Ravi/Blaine stuff, and got Blaine back to being as enjoyable as he was in the first two seasons. But I think they really dropped the ball with the last two episodes. With the Harley Johnson plot's resolution being as simple as he becomes a zombie, then blows up some Filmore Graves employees we don't have a connection with (and Natalie), I think it feels like a bit of a time filler in retrospect. It definitely presented an interesting angle with the zombie truther stuff, but it feels like it didn't amount to much.

Then there's Natalie, who I thought was really good in season 2 in her appearance there and was happy to see her back earlier this season. Then they just blow her up out of nowhere. Again, doesn't feel like this went anywhere or really had any reason to happen. Why even bother bringing her back at that point?

And then the finale. I think a lot of good stuff happened in, lot of interesting developments, and I'm curious to see where they go next season. But the finale was surprisingly tension-free. All the big events happened, but I never felt like there was any real drive to get there, no push, no events just falling into place, it all just kinda felt like it happened. Definitely doesn't hold a candle to the last two season finales.

I liked the season enough, some really good episodes and personalities in there, particularly around the middle of the season, but just thought it had a lot of wasted potential and wasn't nearly as intelligently written as the last two seasons.

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