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Default Re: Legends of Tomorrow General Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by TheRedWraith View Post
I know that the ability to fuse is temperamental in this version, which is why I said it is too bad that they didn’t bring the ability to fuse with anyone over here as it would create cool and unique opportunities to fuse with with different members like Mick, Ray or anyone else they might be around or encounter. Of course this would need to be counterbalanced so that the separating of Jax and Stein is no longer a big deal so there would be things like the fusion being more unstable to varying degrees with different people who are not the perfect match like Jax and Stein are, which would in turn inhibit the power levels those fusions could reach like: how long they could use the powers continuously before they violently defuse (think a small explosion signifigantly smaller and less intense than the defusion of Ronnie and Stein in Flash S1), the strength of the powers, the cooldown time. Like for example say Stein (since he is the source of the fusion he’d be the one with the ability to fuse with anyone) fuses with Mick, he’d be unable to fly for any extended period of time and would be limited to small jump boosts, with no transmutation powers and the flamethrowers can’t go too hot or for too long, the hotter they are the shorter the amount of time they can be used and the suit would only be present on the fusion between Jax and Stein.

Also since he used it in space it was already exposed to some pretty serious radiation and aside from it not being built for space, it was fine.
I under stand and feel you. but from what I understand even inthe books Ronni was only able to do that with a certain few in the books though the made sound it like it was random and with anyone. I guess it depended on who was writing at the time. but from what I under not every one he or stien or his ex girl friend that gotthe power ran into was compatible. and the writers on this show will do what they want.

all I can ay to thi is we'll see. but they are like gonna make a select few and likely not member on the crew. heat already has the Cronus time master thing going and they make him have that ability the Pilgrim had they should really let rip have that. but they seem to want keep him in this we want to diss him and show he's incompetents state.

Exclusive Interview: Maisie Richardson Sellers – Vixen From ‘DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow’
hmmm so 'she's both an actress and a director? that's gonna boggle certain people inthe fan base that wrote her off as bad actress same way of as the actor's that played hawks and laurel and the current Eobard thawn. which with most of them were give a poor hand til they were given beet thing script wise with the exception of the hawks . I hope she & nate get better scripts does better this season like the black siren and eobard actor/ress's got.

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